Train Ride to Salinas (1/2 day)

This touristic train ride, “Tren de la Libertad” runs adjacent to Hosteria Cananvalle as it approaches and crosses the first of bridge on the route after leaving Ibarra.  Guests enjoy listening to the train’s whistle and watching the train approach and cross the bridge, as it leaves Ibarra between 10 and 11 am, and as it returns between 4 and 5 pm from Wednesday through Saturday.  The 2-hour, 30 kilometer train ride (4 ½ hour tour including the ride over and back) takes you through Andean valleys and various plantations, over bridges and through tunnels carved in rocks.  The route derives its name from the Salinas destination, where afro-Ecuadorian communities acquired their liberty in the 19th century.  In Salinas, tourists can watch a traditional Afro-Ecuadorian dance, eat typical food and visit the salt museum.  You may also choose to take the train only on the way out or on the way back and to visit either the Chachimbiru hot springs or communities near Salinas such as La Carolina and Lita, for walks through tropical forests.

The train company recommends that large groups make reservations one month To contact the train company to make a reservation, go to, write the train company at, or call 593 62950390, extension 103 or 593 62955050, extension 102.  The cost of train to Salinas round trip is $15 per person without the city tour.  There are discounts for children ages 2-17, seniors (over 65), and for taking the train only one way.  If you’d like us to help you with your reservation, please let us know.

Watch this video of the train passing by;  this will be your view from the hosteria.

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