Welcome to Hostería Cananvalle.

This agro-tourism ten-acre working farm and family –owned hotel, operated with social responsibility principles, overlooks a river canyon with views of two (and sometimes three) volcanoes.  It is located ten minutes from the city of Ibarra, Imbabura.  At an elevation of 2.192 m (7,200 ft), temperatures in Ibarra typically range between 10-27oC (50- 80oF).

In this peaceful mountain accommodation, you’ll wake up to the sound of an array of birds while you enjoy our spectacular views; wander down our green paths, stop to spot a vermillion flycatcher or a siskin; pick your own fruits or herbs to make juice or tea; or practice yoga in any of the plentiful garden meditation spaces.

Adjacent to the Ibarra – Salinas railroad line and the Chorlaví river, Hostería Cananvalle has an idyllic view of a railway bridge, as well as views of the Imbabura (4.830 m / 15,840 ft) and Cotacachi (4.939 m 16,200 ft) volcanos.  The farm has horses and llamas on the property, an avocado orchard, fruit trees, seasonal crops, an herbal garden, and flowering gardens with alstroemeria, bougainvillea, calla lilies, which attract many species of birds and butterflies, including a variety of hummingbirds and the vermillion flycatcher, spotted every day.

Day trips we can assist you with include the following destinations: downtown Ibarra, Lake Yaguarcocha, Caranqui, Otavalo (the most famous craft market in Ecuador), Cotacachi (the leather marked), Cuicocha (a crater lake). the Chota Valley, the Chachimbiru hot springs, the El Angel Ecological reserve, whitewater rafting in the Mira river or the Cochasqui archeological pyramids.

Round out your trip by visiting Quito, located just 2-3 hours away by car or taxi (individual or shared), or by inexpensive coach (bus).  The colonial historio center will take your breath away, narrow cobble-stone streets with many churches and Spanish-style architecture.  Visit restaurants and shops, and of course, the pre-Columbian museum which reveals the long heritage of civilization here, which Ecuadorian are so proud of.  http://www.in-quito.com/history-quito-ecuador/quito-history.htm

Our rooms, each with a private bathroom, are designed to provide an informal, relaxing, peaceful home base for your stay in Imbabura, province of the lakes.  This is an ideal choice for those looking for a kid friendly hotel, as there is plenty of space for running, hiking, and exploring, for those looking for  a travel writers accommodation, for those making responsible travel choices, or for those looking for a GLBT friendly hotel in Ibarra, Ecuador.

Our mission is to be a model of social responsibility for the tourism industry in Imbabura.  Our social responsibility plan includes environment, business relations, and community components.

What do we mean by “granja integral”?  We are a small family farm that produces a significant proportion of the food we eat and serve at the property, while using management techniques that maximize soil conservation, water conservation, and energy conservation, and minimizes contamination.

Consider Hosteria Cananvalle your first-choice vacation get-away spot as you make your travel plans to Ecuador. 

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